Crypto2Money 'C2M' does not and will not make any private or premium sales! All supply locked in liquidity for 5 years!

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The clean token contract is a secure and reliable investment opportunity. It provides a transparent and efficient way for individuals to earn passive income. With this contract, users can invest their tokens and receive regular dividends based on the performance of the project or platform. The contract ensures that all transactions are recorded on the blockchain, ensuring the integrity and accuracy of the investment process. Additionally, the contract incorporates rigorous security measures to protect investors' funds from any potential risks or hacks. By investing in this clean token contract, individuals can enjoy the benefits of a passive income stream while contributing to the growth and development of the project or platform.

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Discover a fully investor friendly ecosystem designed to revolutionize the crypto world. We locked the entire supply in the liquid pool for 5 years and with this principle, we protected your investments from harmful elements. Our unique tax system is designed to balance your investments against momentary manipulations.

Embrace the future of finance with Crypto2Money. Our clean tokens provide a safe and transparent trading experience. Say goodbye to market manipulation and welcome a new era of financial freedom.

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The taxes collected during the sales process are divided equally and collected in two separate wallets. Taxes collected in the buyback wallet will be used to purchase "C2M" tokens at certain times. Purchased tokens will be burned at designated times. "BNB" tokens collected in the marketing wallet will be used in projects for the development of the "C2M" token. For each purchase made, 2% bonus will be sent directly to the investor's wallet as "C2M".


Total Supply: 390,000,000,000 C2M

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CM2 comes together in the liquidity pool and offers instant and easy trading between investors. Have the freedom to withdraw your winnings whenever you want!

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